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The Court of Reckoning is the most feared faction within the entire country of Trivium. The Court of Reckoning is credited with kills of major political leaders and family members, for they are an anonymous specialized assassin group. Their motives are up for speculation, but they are believed to be vigilantes who kill those unfit to rule. They are credited with the kills of King Voltan Burke, Lord Kenric Riggs, Lord Robin Burke, Lord Dagger Cartel, Lord Ashur Sorenson, Lady Rita Martyn, and the entire Canton family line. They are also recently responsible for the death of Zane Cartel, which has led Lord Jeremiah Cartel to become the new Commander in arms of the Sky Fort. The Court of Reckoning is infamous for leaving a deathnote of sorts to their targets in which they've killed. Each letter is always signed with the Court of Reckoning symbol of a blackhand with a drop of blood to go along with the writing of, "Reckoning Bleeds."

It is widely speculated that the CoR is tied to royal families in some shape, way, or form. The only known about the members of the Court of Reckoning is that their leader goes by the name of "Killswitch" and is picturized by witnesses as having a full coat of armor of black with horns sticking out from his helmet. They say his shoulders are covered in bones and because of this, he is referred to as the "Hellhound" and "Bone Collector". 


Also referred to as "Bone Collector" and "Hellhound"

(Portrayed by... well... Killswitch)


(Portrayed by HBB)


Also referred to as the "White Death"

(Portrayed by Kendra)


Maester Harkon

Sworn to House Riggs

Maester Harkon has been the maester for the Riggs ever since Kenric and Ulfric were depending on their mother for milk. He's served three generations of Riggs, Jerric the 2nd, Kenric, and now his children of Darco, Jerraco, Sirco, and Meeco. Harkon is a commoner who won over Jerric the 2nd by saving his wife from anthrex in a package. 


Assur-Salimanni Musaka

Sworn to House Ashdown

Assur-Salimanni, proclaimed the "Golden Eagle" and "Nox Vunderi" which means, "Wingless Dragon" in the old tongue. He is proclaimed the Golden Eagle due to his house sigil being the mystic eagle in the sky, and winning multiple jousting tournaments all across Trivium. He also played an important role of the Rush War between the rebellious house of House Volken on the south. House Volken were sworn enemies to House Ashdown and had allegiances to House Burke and Cartel. But neither joined the efforts to overthrow the Warden of the South (Rowan Ashdown) due to a final piece between Burke and Ashdown. Assur was the hired assassin to kill Rush Volken and his entire family line. It is said Assur Musaka fed the bones of Rush Volken to his horse, but it has never been confirmed, nor have Rush's bones been found. Ever since Assur-Salimanni has been mocked and hated for killing a man in his sleep rather than in the battlefield, but Rowan Ashdown rewarded him with lordship in his house. The orgins of Assur-Salimanni are unknown, but it is obvious he is not from Trivium. 

(Portrayed by RRS)

Knight Oskar Reinhart

Age: 47

Apart of Vance Burke's Guardsmanship

Sworn to Burke

He is the cousin to King Vance Burke, and nephew to Queen Sydnee Reinhart, Vance's mother. He is regarded the best sword-fighter within The Sight, and can only be rivaled by Lukas Martyn.

(Portrayed by Kevin Devastation)

Squire Henrik Reinhart

Age: 23

Son to Oskar; Squire to King Vance. 

(Portrayed by SK)

Knight Pierce Mansel

Apart of Vance Burke's Guardsmanship

(Portrayed by Jacob Senn)

Gunmar Haren

Details to be found out...


Magnus Rust

Details to follow...

King Adarys Sithis

The rebellious king of Kasek, the neighboring country to Trivium.

Priest Kiba

Details to follow...


Lord Mercer

Master of Coin

(Portrayed by GI Styles)