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MISC. Locations


Of House Haren.

Was burnt to ash in the battle known as the "Mad Dog Siege" in which Lord of Winterbone, Darco Riggs, led his northern army to put the city to the torch due to failing to turnover their lord, Gunmar Winter. 

It is unknown to as of why Darco would burn down the city of his mother's family, but in the middle of the battle Gunmar and Darco met sword-to-sword in which Gunmar put a sword through Darco's heart. Darco's men would flee back home, as his body was buried beside in the great keep by Gunmar himself. Gunmar's whereabouts are left unknown.


Siddenpoint lies within the Pitt region, and it is an area of vast forest land. It is now an abandoned road because nobody dares to venture into this area due to the deaths of major household names that are believed to be the cause of the Court of Reckoning. It is widely believed that the Court of Reckoning has its base somewhere within the area. Because of this, the only way to get to the Seerforge is to go through Winterbone, instead of being able to go north of Bullsrush.


Of House Mansel

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Of House Rust

Bronzehaven is located within the Bronze mountains within the Fang Region. The household name is not as strong as it once was 200 years ago, when the Rusts reigned as kings and queens before the rebellion of Drake the 1st. The family has been held isolated for the past century, and their counsel chair at Falls Palace is always left empty for that time. Ravens still flock from Bronzehaven, but they never acquire any shipment of food or supplies. There is only speculation of if there are even any survivors.


Banner Run is an inn on Murders Road that goes from Falls Palace to Dagger's Edge.


Lord Commander: Malik Riggs

King Vance Burke named the fort after Kenric Riggs, who served as commander of the fort for 1.5 decades. Now his younger brother, Malik Riggs, is commander of the Fort.

It is located right above Lionsport. It is the fort with the most men and has impregnable walls.

Lord Commander: Jeremiah Cartel

The Sky Fort is named for its huge towers, that are the biggest of any in the land of Trivium. The Sky Fort is famous for the legend that King Nevon the 2nd was able to slay all rebelious Ashmen that tried to penetrate the fort.

Lord Commander: Lester Martyn

Named after King Vance's brother Robin, whom was the lord commander since its inception. The richest of any fort in terms of supplies and food due to being right next to the Kasek Sea. It is also the most prone to attack of raiders and pirates.

Location: South

Of House Ashton

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Location: North

Of House Watts

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