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This is where you sign up for characters thave have "OPENING" under their character information. You can sign up for two characters, but they have to be of different houses. (For example, if you sign up for "Jerraco Riggs", you cannot have your second character be "Ulfric Riggs".)

All that is required to let me know who you'd like to be are:

1.) The character's name

2.) The name I would know you by

I require NO RPing/promoing to be involved, nor do I expect you to know EVERYTHING there is about the story. I know, it's very complex with tons of details. However, it would be much appreciated for you to follow your own character's story arcs, and give me feedback so I know what to improve upon or keep more of the same. Just a simple read or skim is all I ask, but hopefully I'm a good enough writer to keep you entertained regardless. You also have the OPTION to sign up for the site, free of charge, and join the discussion in the forums of Trivium. So here's to joining the realm... thanks so kindly.