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Behind The Realm

The realm is bleeding, and on the brink of collapse. King Vance Burke is drowning himself in the sorrows of the deaths of his loved ones, and lords across Trivium are becoming power hungry and trying to set themsleves up to gain as much political power as possible for the inevitable change to come. The Court of Reckoning's influence on Trivium continues to increase, and the sanity of the realm is non-existent. Now it is up to a select few to try to save the peace of the realm, and turn its attention on the true sinister powers that exist within beyond the game of politics. However, not everyone holds the same agenda, which sets up a heavy dose of a crash course waiting to happen. So join me in this quest of political madness and fantasy within the world of Trivium... and let the games begin.

- Killswitch
"Blood makes you related, loyalty makes you family" - Rowan Ashdown

"Who would ever want to be king?" - Vance Burke

"An alliance with a powerful person is never safe." - Jeremiah Cartel

"Success is only enjoyable if it feels like your own" - Jerraco Riggs

"In times of rapid change, experience can be your worst enemy." - Ulfric Riggs

"I believe in the power of weakness" - Rowan Ashdown

"For death is not the worst, but when one wants to die and is not even able to have that." - Avril Cartel



Not interested in kingdoms, political abuse and power, lords, betrayals, deaths, and the occasional dragon and magic? If anime is more your thing, please visit the great site of Anime Battling Alliance, run by one of Trivium's own in that of HBG: